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Sausage and Jerky Book by Eldon Cutlip features proven recipes and fail-safe instructions on how to make fresh & smoked sausage & jerky at home. This book includes everything you need to know to make delicious sausage and jerky on the very first try.

Features over 63 proven sausage recipes and 30 proven jerky recipes including information on cures, smoking, smokers, nitrites, nitrates, smoke chips, internal temperatures, smoke cooking, dehydrators, more. Learn how to make whole-muscle and ground, hamburger Jerky.

"The difference between fresh sausage links and bulk sausage is obvious. Bulk sausage is loose like hamburger and link sausage is contained within a casing or compressed and formed by an extrusion process. Either way you need some sort of shaping apparatus to form links and hold them together." Information on cures, casings, stuffing sausage, correct smoke cooking temperatures. Now in full color.

This book now has a paper backing and no longer has the spiral backing.



Sausage and Jerky Handbook

SKU: Ekc-130
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