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PreTubed Natural Sheep Casings - 22/24mm - 1 Hank/Bundle - 100 Yards/300 Feet - 50 to 55 lbs Stuffing Capacity


Simplify your sausage-making process with our PreTubed Natural Sheep Casings. Each hank / bundle includes 100 yards (300 feet) of edible, natural casings, offering the perfect solution for breakfast sausages and small snack sticks. These tubed casings are a game-changer, providing an easy and fast way to stuff sausage with natural casings.

Key Features:

  • Convenient Tubed Design: PreTubed Natural Sheep Casings are the easiest and fastest way to stuff sausage with natural casings. Packed in salt on plastic sleeves, they effortlessly slide onto stuffing tubes, eliminating the need for untangling or individually sliding casings.

  • Ideal Size: With a diameter of 22-24mm, these casings are perfect for breakfast sausages and small snack sticks. Each bundle can hold about 50 to 55 lbs of meat, providing excellent stuffing capacity.

  • Easy to Use: Rinse the salt from the tubed casings, soak them in warm water before stuffing, slide the whole sleeve onto the stuffing tube, and pull to remove the plastic. It's the most straightforward way to use natural sheep casings.

  • Refrigeration: While natural casings should be refrigerated for long-term storage, they are perfectly fine to be shipped in normal temperatures. Please note that freezing is not recommended.

Additional Information:

Pretubed casings come pre-strung on individual plastic sleeves, making them easy to slide onto the stuffing tube. Packed in purified salt, they have an indefinite shelf life when stored in the refrigerator. Flush and soak in tap water before using.

Sheep casings are tender, soft, and edible, adding a natural taste and smell to your sausages. Designed to cater to the requirements of master chefs, food processors, and home sausage enthusiasts, consistently delivering top-notch results. Universally compatible and works seamlessly with any sausage stuffing equipment.

Preparation and Storage:

Keep casings on the plastic straw while you clean and soak them. Gently rinse and flush casings in cold water to remove brine and salt, then soak in cold water for 2-8 hours until soft and pliable. Refrigerate until use; avoid freezing.

Streamline your sausage-making experience with PreTubed Natural Sheep Casings—order now and enjoy hassle-free stuffing for your favorite sausages!

PreTubed Natural Sheep Casings - 22/24mm 1 Hank 100 Yards 50 lb Capacity

SKU: EKC-609
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