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Eldon's Ham Brine Cure Kit - Craft Your Own Delicious Ham at Home

Elevate your culinary skills with Eldon's Ham Brine Cure Kit, the ultimate solution for crafting homemade ham with professional results. This comprehensive kit empowers you to create a mouthwatering ham right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Ham Curing Made Simple: Simplify the process of curing your own ham with our easy-to-use brine cure kit. Take control of your culinary creations and enjoy a ham that reflects your personal touch.

  • Cures 20 lbs of Ham: Each kit has the capacity to cure up to 20 lbs of delectable ham, perfect for family gatherings, special occasions, or culinary experimentation.

  • Detailed Directions Included: Whether you're a novice or an experienced home chef, our kit includes detailed directions to guide you through the curing process with ease. Achieve professional-quality results effortlessly.

  • Stockinette Included: For added convenience, we provide a stockinette to assist in shaping your ham and ensuring it reaches perfection. It's a valuable addition to your curing process.

  • No MSG: Our ham brine cure kit is crafted without MSG, guaranteeing that your culinary masterpiece is not only delicious but also pure and natural.

Create Your Culinary Masterpiece:

With Eldon's Ham Brine Cure Kit, you're not just making ham; you're crafting an artisanal masterpiece that's sure to impress. Take your ham to new heights with flavors that you control and ingredients you trust.


Follow the included directions carefully to navigate the curing process and achieve the perfect ham.

Utilize the provided stockinette for effortless shaping and a professional finish.

Experience the pride and satisfaction of serving a ham that you've cured yourself.

Embark on a journey of flavor and creativity by crafting your own mouthwatering ham at home. Order Eldon's Ham Brine Cure Kit today and discover the joy of homemade ham like never before!


Eldon's Ham Brine Cure Kit - Cure your own Ham at Home - Cures 20 lbs

SKU: Ekc-876
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