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Eldon's Sausage and Jerky Supply Prague Powder #1 Curing Salt - USDA Approved for Food Safety


Ensure the safety and enhance the flavor of your meats with Eldon's Prague Powder #1 Curing Salt. Our product is meticulously regulated by the USDA, ensuring it meets the highest standards for food safety. Perfect for both home and commercial use, this curing salt is ideal for making jerky, bacon, ham, salami, and more.

Key Features:

  • USDA Approved: Meets strict food safety standards.
  • Proportionate Measure: Use 4 oz for every 100 lbs of meat to prevent food poisoning and preserve quality.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for various meats including jerky, bacon, ham, salami, wild game, fish, and sausages.
  • Trusted Quality: Reliable for both home kitchens and commercial operations.


  • Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2): Acts as a curing agent, maintaining meat's color and flavor while inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • Sodium Chloride (Salt): Serves as the base carrier for sodium nitrite.
  • Pink Dye (FD&C Red #3): Ensures easy identification to avoid misuse, distinguishing it from regular table salt.

Elevate your meat curing process with Eldon's trusted Prague Powder #1, ensuring safety, flavor, and quality in every batch.

Prague Powder: Premium Pink Curing Salt #1 Quick Meat Curing – Insta-Cure

SKU: B-850
PriceFrom $4.99
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