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Each DuoGlide® knife features
the perfect Duo - the ultra-comfortable DuoGlide® handle paired with the
ultimate sharp Dexter edge.
The high-carbon, stainless steel
blade is individually ground and honed for the ultimate edge, corrosion
resistant, and features a professional grade cross polish. Each
DuoGlide® handle is soft, right-sized and textured for a secure grip,
plus stain-resistant and sealed to the blade for utmost sanitation.

With a wide blade that enhances control, the DuoGlide® 5” Utility
Knife is perfect for small jobs that used to seem monumental. It’s ideal
for slicing, dicing, and chopping parsley, vegetables, fruit and other
ingredients. Made in USA. NSF Certified

Dexter 5" DuoGlide All Purpose Chef's knife

SKU: DEX-004