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Enhance the flavor of your sausages and jerky with AC Legg's Powdered Hickory Smoke Flavoring Blend 127. Each 8 oz bag provides the smoky richness of natural hickory smoke flavor to season up to 100 pounds of meat. Whether you need a single bag or a bulk case of 24, we have the right size for you.


Ingredients: Our blend is made of dextrose and natural hickory smoke flavor, ensuring a genuine hickory taste. Use it to infuse hickory flavor into various sausage and jerky recipes.


Elevate your culinary creations with the smoky essence of hickory. Choose the perfect size for your needs and savor the delicious results in every bite.

AC Legg's Hickory Smoke Sausage Seasoning 127 Single or Case Size

SKU: AC-845
PriceFrom $5.95
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