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A.C. Legg's #171 Brown Sugar Maple Sausage Seasoning - Sweet & Savory Breakfast Blend - 16 oz


Savor the richness of A.C. Legg's #171 Brown Sugar Maple Sausage Seasoning, a premium blend perfect for transforming your meat into delectable breakfast sausages. Infused with the warmth of brown sugar and the inviting aroma of maple, this 16 oz bag of seasoning offers a balance of sweetness and savory depth. Each pack expertly seasons 25 lbs of sausage, ideal for those who value gourmet flavor. Choose from a single bag or a case of 24 for your cooking pleasure.


  • Brown sugar and natural maple flavor.
  • Seasons 25 lbs of meat per bag.
  • Perfect for venison, poultry, and more.
  • Convenient anti-caking formulation.

For a taste that stands out at any morning table, trust in A.C. Legg's tradition of flavor excellence. Order your seasoning today and enjoy the finest in breakfast sausage spices.


A.C. Legg's Premium Brown Sugar Sausage Seasoning Blend 171

SKU: AC-171
PriceFrom $6.99
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