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Eldon's Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang - Your Sausage Making and Curing Essential


Eldon's Sausage Tang is a unique blend made from Encapsulated Citric Acid, designed to infuse your sausage creations with that tangy twist you've been looking for. This essential ingredient enhances your snack sticks, summer sausages, and more, offering both flavor and preservation.

Key Features:

  • Tangy Flavor Enhancer: Eldon's Sausage Tang adds that tang or tangy flavor to your sausage masterpieces. Whether it's snack sticks, summer sausages, pepperoni, salami, or landjaeger, this citric acid blend elevates your recipes.

  • Fermented Flavor: Achieve the delightful fermented flavor in your smoked sausages, similar to traditional dry cure methods. Your sausages will rival those crafted by the pros.

  • Easy Integration: It's simple to use Eldon's Sausage Tang. Mix and grind your sausage ingredients as usual, and then gently knead in the Sausage Tang. Importantly, do not re-grind the sausage after adding the Sausage Tang.

  • Generous 4 oz Size: With 4 ounces at your disposal, you can treat up to 50 pounds of meat, making it an excellent choice for larger batches.

  • Directions Included: Directions for use are conveniently provided on the label, ensuring that both newcomers and experienced sausage makers can make the most of this essential ingredient.

  • Usage Guide: Use 2 ounces of Sausage Tang for every 25 pounds of meat to achieve the perfect balance of tangy flavor.

Unlock the potential of your sausage creations with Eldon's Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang. This 4 oz size is your go-to solution for infusing your sausages with that distinctive tang. Order now and take your sausage-making skills to new heights with EKC-848.

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SKU: EKC-848
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