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A.C. Legg's Old Plantation Mild Pork Sausage Seasoning - Blend #7 - Perfect for Mild Breakfast Sausages


Delight in the subtle yet rich flavors of A.C. Legg's Old Plantation Blend #7 Pork Sausage Seasoning. Crafted for those who prefer a gentler taste, this blend offers a harmonious mixture of spices suitable for various cooking needs:

  • Mild Flavor Profile: Tailored for a milder palate, Blend #7 features a perfect mix of red pepper, sage, and black pepper, less intense than Blend #6 or #29.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for creating links in sheep casings, larger links or rope sausage in 32-35mm hog casings, or used in bulk for patties and pan sausages.
  • Bulk Usage: Each 8 oz bag seasons up to 25 lbs of meat, ensuring consistent flavor across large quantities.
  • Premium Ingredients: Comprised of salt, red pepper, sage, sugar, and black pepper, our seasoning promotes a perfect balance of taste.
  • Easy Preparation: Comes with detailed instructions for mixing and processing meat, including optional water addition for enhanced flavor melding.
  • Trusted Brand: With over a century of expertise, A.C. Legg's continues to be a cornerstone in seasoning, offering quality and tradition in every pack.

Whether you're a home chef or a professional looking to enrich your culinary offerings, A.C. Legg's Blend #7 provides everything needed to produce authentic, flavorful mild pork sausages. Elevate your dishes with our expertly crafted seasoning and enjoy the art of cooking with A.C. Legg's.

Available in flexible quantities to suit your needs, choose from convenient 8 oz single bags or opt for a bulk purchase with our case of 24 bags. Perfect for both small-scale home cooking and larger culinary endeavors.




AC Legg's Pork Sausage Seasoning - Blend #7 Mild Blend 8 oz

SKU: B-007
PriceFrom $4.49
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