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A.C. Leggs Polish/Kielbasa Seasoning,  Blend 106 contains white pepper, coriander, and garlic powder in a combination that produces an authentic Polish flavor.  Cure not included.  

Stuff into 33-36MM hog casings or 32MM collagen casings. Seasons 25 pounds of meat. Blended of salt, dextrose, spices, monosodium glutamate (4/55%), garlic powder, and sodium erythorbate (7/32oz)

Suggested Directions For Use:

1) coarse grind meat through a 1/2" plate.
2) transfer to mixer and add seasoning, 1oz cure and 3 lbs of water, mix for 3 minutes.
3) regrind through a 1/8" plate.
4 )stuff into 36-38mm casings and hold overnight in cooler.
5 )process through smokehouse to an inter temperature of 152-155 degrees.
6) chill to 40 degrees and package

AC Legg's Polish/Kielbasa Seasoning, Case of 24 Bags

SKU: AC-253C