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Legg's Old Plantation Bratwurst Seasoning contains  a blend of spices necessary to produce an old fashioned German style Bratwurst.  Stuff into 33-36MM hog or 32MM collagen casings.  Makes 25 lbs. of fresh sausage.  No MSG.  Seasons 25 pounds of meat.

Blended of salt, dextrose, pepper, sage, onion, mace and celery.

Suggested Directions For Use:
1) coarse grind meats through 1/2" plate.
2) transfer to mixer, add seasoning and mix for 2 minutes.
3) regrind through 3/16" plate.
4) package in bulk or stuff into casings.

AC Legg's Bratwurst Seasoning , Blend 104, Case of 24 Bags

SKU: AC-908C
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