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Eldon's Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang - 1 lb Size for Flavorful Sausage Creations


Introducing our 1 lb Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang, a key ingredient to elevate the flavor and quality of your sausage creations. Crafted by Eldons Sausage and Jerky Supply, this versatile addition is perfect for both novice cooks and experienced professionals.

Key Features:

  • Generous 1 Pound Size: With a full pound at your disposal, you can enhance the flavor of up to 200 pounds of meat. This makes it a practical choice for larger batches.

  • Tangy Flavor Enhancement: Eldon's Sausage Tang is made from Encapsulated Citric Acid, adding that delightful tang or tangy flavor to your snack sticks and summer sausages. It also imparts a fermented flavor to smoked sausage, akin to traditional dry curing.

  • Versatile Applications: Use this Sausage Tang to infuse a tang into various sausage types, including summer, salami, pepperoni, slim jimmy, landjaeger, and more. Its flexibility opens up a world of creative possibilities.

  • Simple Integration: To use, simply mix and grind your sausage ingredients as you normally would. Add the Sausage Tang and gently knead well, but do not re-grind the sausage after adding the tang. Then, stuff the mixture into casings as usual. The Sausage Tang melts into the meat at approximately 150 degrees F, granting your sausages that tangy and flavorful touch.

  • Usage Guide: Directions are conveniently included on the label, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned sausage makers to achieve the desired results. Use 2 ounces of Sausage Tang per every 25 pounds of meat to strike the ideal flavor balance.

Unlock the potential of your sausage creations with Eldon's Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang. This 1 lb size ensures you have ample supply for various batches. Don't miss the opportunity to add that tangy, fermented goodness to your sausages. Order now and start crafting sausages that stand out with EKC-849.

1 lb Encapsulated Citric Acid or Sausage Tang for Sausage Making and Curing #849

SKU: EKC-849
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