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Dried/Smoked Beef (Venison) - For 5 lbs of meat
Free Jerky Recipes
  > Hickory Smoke Jerky
  > Hot & Sticky Ground Meat Jerky
  > Pepper-Style Jerky Recipe
  > How to Cut Meat for Jerky Strips
  > Making Ground Jerky
Free Sausage Recipes
  > Andouille Sausage
  > Bologna and Franks -10 Lbs.
  > Bratwurst - 10 lbs.
  > Breakfast Sausage Recipe
  > Hot Italian Sausage Recipe
  > Pepperoni Recipe - Makes 10 lbs.
  > Polish/Kielbasa Recipe - For 10 pounds of meat
  > Snack Stick Recipe
  > Summer Sausage Recipe - Makes 10 lbs.
  > Sweet Italian Sausage - For 10 lbs of Meat
Smoked Turkey Recipe
How to Stuff Sausage Casings
Stuffing Collagen Casings
Stuffing Fibrous Casings
Stuffing Natural Casings
Smoker Processing for Sausages

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