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Smoker Processing for Sausages

1. After the sausage product has been seasoned, stuffed and cured overnight, hang the sausage product in the smoker, carefully positioning the product so that it's not touching one another.

2. If you have a digital thermometer timer, push the probe into the center of one of the sausages, set the temperature alarm at 152

3. Begin the first hour by setting the temperature to 130-140 degrees; open the smoker damper wide open until the product is dry (tacky) to the touch.

4. At the beginning of the second hour close the damper and adjust the smoker temperature to 150-160 degrees and
apply smoke for 1 hour and 20 minutes, longer is optional if you prefer a heavy smoke.

5. At the beginning of the third hour adjust smoker temperature to 170 degrees. Maintain until the internal temperature of the sausage product reaches 160 degrees internally at which time the sausage is fully cooked.

6. Cooling down the product: Sausage Sticks (22 mm) - Remove sticks from oven and let cool at room temperature; Sausage Links (hog casings) - Remove links from oven and shower (spray) with cold water until the internal temperature of the product drops to 120 degrees.

7. Product is ready to eat. Remainder should be packaged and frozen until needed.

8. For more information and more smoked sausage
recipes see the Sausage and Jerky Handbook .