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We're getting a makeover! Don't worry all of the products you've grown to love are exactly the same. Hope you like our new look!

Knife Combo Summer Sausage Kit
Dexter/Russel Knife Combo
Our Price: $58.95

Eldon's Summer Sausage Kit
Our Price: $13.95

The Russell Knife Combo includes one 6-Inch Curved Flexible Boning Knife, One 6 Inch Wide Trimming Knife and one 10-Inch Steak Knife. Eldon's Summer Sausage Kit includes easy to follow instructions, summer sausage seasoning, sausage tang, curing salt and casings.
Ham and Bacon Cure Pack Sausage And Jerky Makers’ Bible
Ham and Bacon Cure Pack
Our Price: $13.95

Eldon's Ham and Bacon Cure Pack makes 10 pounds of bacon and 10 pounds of ham. Sausage & Jerky making book
Heavy -duty Meat Tub Blend # 10
Heavy -duty Meat Tub
Our Price: $24.95
Meat Tub (50 Lb. Capacity) features molded bottom ridges and reinforced handles.  Lid sold separately. A true "Southern Style" seasoning.

World's best Gourmet sausage seasonings ready for you now.