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Boudin Seasoning AC Leggs Hot Italian Seasoning, Case of 24 Cheddar Cheese
A  long-time southern favorite.  Seasons 5 pounds of meat. A.C. Leggs Old Plantation Hot Italian Seasoning has an excellent Italian flavor with added red pepper to give it a tasty zing.  Use bulk style (patties) or stuff into 33-36MM hog casings.  Case of 24 Bags.  No M.S.G. High Temperature Diced Cheddar Cheese (8 0z.)
White  Cheese with Peppers Polish Seasoning German Sausage Seasoning - 7# Bag
High Temperature Diced White Cheese with Peppers (8 0z.) If you like garlic, you're going to love this fresh sausage favorite.  Robust. A slightly spicy Old-World German sausage flavor.
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